In the pain of my dilemma, YOU made a way
Nothing is too hard for God; He loves you
The disappointment, the trials
Harsh discoveries, evil afoot
It is impossible and yet YOU made a way

No one sees your footprints
Doubters proclaim your absence
In my distress YOU touched my arm
My heart was swayed; impossibility disappears
YOU are the ONE; I believe – Lord help me

As night turns to light, YOU made a way
YOU led me in my heartache; so desperate to succeed
Listening to me as I cried aloud all my needs
The way ahead seems forever; no solution on the horizon
Then out of the dark YOUR way appears, YOU led me

My path was simple and quick
What seemed a lifetime away was suddenly at hand
The Lord God has intervened; impossibility smashed
His way, His solution to what the world declared defeat
Victory, in the face of tragedy, YOU made a way

Clay Corvin February 7, 2015