God came to Earth; to Israel His chosen
He sent prophets, priests and kings
No one followed the Lord; caught up in tradition they had God in a box
The people were wandering in darkness and they did not know the Lord

Jesus came teaching, preaching, healing and proclaiming the Good News
You are not at the mercy of the world; the Lord has heard you and is here
Poverty exercised a strident call, greed and avarice by all; COME Jesus said
Come to me and I will give you rest; come to me and I will equip you to live

Their leaders blocked their way; many came but few followed
Hating HIM the leaders put Him on a cross; He was dead
ON the third day the Lord God raised Jesus from the dead
He is now seated at the right hand of the Father; interceding for you and me

Now at the mercy of God; they had a choice-follow God or man
You have that choice; Jesus says there is no other way to the Father
Jesus is the only way; Lord of all and Savior; ask Him in your heart
He will save you; Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no other way to the father

Our God is a good God, He is merciful and long suffering
One day this will come to an end; Jesus is coming back
IN that day God will act swiftly; no longer time to repent, no longer time to be saved
That day will be judgment; Who will you follow? Do it now. Follow the Lord.

CC February 7, 2015