Words from Christ
Affect eternity
Given to us to live
In the power of God
By Jesus Christ

Words from Christ
Reach into our soul
Riding us of blinders
Ripping off our excuses
We really are sinners, ranking among the best

Words from Christ
Spread throughout our soul
Identifying what is wrong
Encouraging us when down
They speak to every moment of life

Words from Christ
Express His deep desire for wholeness
Pushing away my selfishness
Exposing my weakness
Undergirding my spiritual journey

Words from Christ
Remove the fear of life
Let us lay down the worry about tomorrow
I am a here and now creature
I need His help to exist

Words from Christ
Demand that I do the next right thing
A constant companion
Jesus knows my sorrows
He calls me to change and in Jesus I can

Words from Christ
Rebuild me day by day
Outfitting me for my journey
Using me for the Father’s glory
In Jesus I am whole

Clay Corvin May 7, 2011