Jesus set His face to Jerusalem
His ministry nearing its close
He had twelve and one chose Satan
He knew that and continued on

They had come so close
Yet clearly they were far away
Failing to see the ministry
As Jesus poured out His life in service

Arguing who was the best
Wanting to make tents on the mountaintop
Turning away children
Denying Christ in the courtyard

Anyway it is evaluated
They had missed it
They didn’t know what Jesus was doing or why
Christ knew that and continued on

When you find yourself at the end of a rainbow
Realizing there is no pot of gold
Remember that we also have a hard time connecting
We need to be forgiving and persistent, carryon

Christ went to the cross
Knowing the loss that we feel when life overwhelms us
He knew human failure experiencing it first hand
Christ knew that and continued

Jesus became a man to experience our life
He shed His blood to pay our price
He died on Calvary for me and for you
Raised by God’s power Jesus gives us His power to be free

Clay Corvin April 9, 2011