Listening, hearing, speaking
Time constrains our acts
Trying to speak for God
We often look like hacks

Words the Lord has spoken
Instilling us with strength
Often are for comfort
Not to create others disbelief

Don’t try to impress them
Accept the Father’s Word
Use it as you serve Him
For strength in His Word

Always stop to listen
The Lord loves you
Let Him have your attention
To guide you through

Patience, patience, wait
You don’t have the time
His schedule is not controlled
Or developed by our whine

Straighten up in service
Work without kudos
Remember who you are serving
The Lord of mankind

Keep on with His vision
Speak to Him alone
Let His strength fill your heart
See what you do with spiritual eyes

Jesus is always working
Living in you
His timing is always perfect
Let the Lord use you
CC 2/27/05