Early in the morning
Before the sun is up
Dawn is creeping
The chill isn’t gone

I hear the Word
Spoken by the Lord
“Sit by My side”
Before the day is lit

I listen as He comforts
Reminding me
How much He loves me
Life is sweet

The day has its features
The Lord is in control
Remember He knows
Before it shows

He calls me to surrender
Trust His strength
Life in all its splendor
Will not out think

The plan today
Go His way
Carrying for the people
I meet on the way

Fears are aplenty
Favor is complete
I spend time with Jesus
Sitting at His feet

The result is surrender
Follow His way
Reach out to others
Let them have their say

People count with Jesus
I can help them know
By showing them respect
And listening as I go

All of this before the sun
Takes its place today
The Lord of all is Lord of all
I’ve surrendered my day
CC 2/28/05