Tim, Tim
The comic’s friend
E-mails everyday

Reaching out to others
So they might know he cares
And maybe lighten their day

Tim has seen great trouble
Risked his life more than once
In places full of rubble
And humans that acted like dung

He went because Jesus called him
Tim go and tell
Tell my hurting children
They are loved and I care

Tim is a man of character
Never a word of boast
Gentle and sweet religion
Tim loves people most

It is always a privilege to hear him
He always has a kind word
Because Tim loves Jesus
And Christ is always heard

I admire his wife and children
A beautiful family he loves
They marched through the trouble
Because Tim had strength and love

All Tim’s strength is Jesus
He will tell you himself
The Lord is a blessing and partner
Tim’s life speaks for itself

CC 3/23/05