This is a man that matters
He loves Jesus too
And because of his love for Jesus
He serves me and you

I’ve often been a difficult parent
Of this man who has blessed my life
A gift from God during a troubled time
When the Lord was changing my life

Adam is a techie
He could work anywhere
He’s chosen to work for Jesus
And serve him with his care

Working hard with computers
Enabling our outreach work
Sending out the Gospel
To places where it isn’t heard

So much technical stuff
Way over my head
Adam surrenders his talents
Building and maintaining our web

This journey isn’t his favorite
Too long away from his wards
But he knows our need for videography
And he willingly builds our show

I want you to know this man of strength
He is kind to me
When I’m a pain
And quiet to a fault

But I admire his love for Jesus
I appreciate his faithful work
His DVD will impress us
With his pictures of the land we love

We will never forget this trip
The DVD will remind us
Adam thank you for serving us
Jesus will use your work
CC 3/23/05