Time, time is not mine, nor is it kind to us
Ringing out the years like days
Our youth is gone, our hearts not as strong
But our memory is not limited by time

Time, time is thirty-nine years, yet just like a day
So many things we’ve done and seen
Holding hands along the way
We are still living, living together today

Time, time, it ripens into joy and peace
Sharing untold stories known before we speak
Our minds run on parallel tracks and often intersect
Because we’ve focused our hearts on Christ and then on each other

Time, time no way to know what is left
I love it all with you, my life is filled with your presence
I love you more each day, more than yesterday
The best is always now you are my strength

Time, time Christ is in control of us
He has laid a plan for us, I believe it is together
Two are stronger than one and with Jesus we are three
His love will see us through until our life is through

CC 9/13/07