Created by love, a companion for God, just walked away, seeking my day
I did what I wanted, enjoying His care, my life was blessed, I didn’t care
Problems came, a fool each day, I thought I knew, others saw the error of my way
Still didn’t matter, loneliness came, still I sinned, self-centeredness my claim

Curses sent, blessings gone, every day worse, still walked away
Christ punished, I laughed, my sin felt good, it guided my life
One day it came, the end of my rope, I felt desperate, now pain and hope
Mercy came calling, held out its hand, walk this way, I love you, I can

Christ brought to my heart, those days of yore, I spoke His name, my life is gain
Confession welled up, my soul complete, love pushed out, new life I seek
Now I’ve changed, I love His name, He holds my hand, removed my stain
New life, new day, the Son in my heart, Christ is my way