Mt. 28:1
Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to see the tomb.

He wasn’t in the tomb. He had risen. The two Mary’s would be the first to know. His resurrection from the grave changed everything.
For many of us life was never easy. No one was there to teach the Godly how-to’s of a successful life. I committed myself to learning the mechanics of life. I wanted to have all the good things that life offers. My ethics, activities and responses were based on a world system that is dead in its trespasses and sin.
I struggled on my own for a long time. Finally one day the Lord spoke to me. He pledged to show me how to live. He forgave me, He saved me and grafted me into His family.
His salvation put the power of the resurrection in me. Nearly 2000 years later He saved me by grace. Once I was a weak sinner focused on my own wants and needs. Now I am a child of God and a member of the Royal family.
I wasn’t looking for God He came looking for me. I praise Him that He did. Thank you Lord for saving me.

Two came to outfit Him for rotting and decay.
They found a barren rock and a folded cloth.
Their minds were numbed with disappointment.
Who had taken Him? Where was His body.
I must confess that I too often want to fix things for God.
I see evil people that need to be corrected.
I want to get in their face and tell them what’s what.
I can always see their problems clearly.
Like Mary and Mary discovered, things aren’t always what we think.
My death cures their ills. Surrender heals their blindness.
The world comes into focus much better from my knees.
I can see clearly when I kneel on the rock.