Brilliant, committed, focused on her role-wife, mother, grand
She brought stability to a pressured life
Her strength-family focus, husband needs, church value
An outstanding Bible teacher

Gifted in developing Sunday School classes, in serving the Lord
A lion, capable and smart and strong
She was the type of mother her family needed
The wife that matched Brother Jim’s larger than life persona

How can you count the ways a person measures-up
Jeanette was trustworthy, friend worthy
Capable, witty, youthful, vibrant, vivacious
A Southern beauty with a constitution of steel

An accomplished adventurer
Mission minded, well-spoken and genuine
A courageous servant, erudite speaker
Exceptional teacher, a local legend

Jeanette was never too busy to help
Too engaged to care
Too focused to miss the needs around her
She valued people and committed her life to help and to serve

Jeanette was a blessing to all she met
An expert caregiver, she knew how to help
Her life was orderly, prayerful and faithful
Jesus was the center of her existence

The Lord used her in a multitude of roles
Jeanette was always willing, always fresh
She listened to the Lord, and comprehended the needs
Now face to face with Jesus, Jeanette is walking by sight

Clay Corvin-a Tribute to an amazing person-Jeanette Henry
March 1, 2019