Charles Kelley

A lion heart, equipped and ready
Doing battle every day
Christ his guide, Filled with the Spirit
Jesus calls, he answers

A servant, a leader, a confidant
A man whose word is his bond
Close to Jesus, willing to stand his ground
Even when it causes his personal suffering

A man of God
Who treasurers his time with Jesus
He speaks no evil, His knee bent to the Father
Constantly seeking the lost, even when it cost

Chuck has a sincere heart, a pure mind
Keeping short accounts with the Lord
Not a gossip, He seeks to do only good
His life focused on honoring God

His wife a joy in his life, she is brilliant
The two are one
Following the Lord together
Surrendered to Christ, deeply in love with each other

A man of integrity, Kind to a fault
Gentle as a lamb, His life an open book
Faithful student of the Word, gentle scholar
Never forgets the hurting, never quits serving

He loves people, he loves students
He cares for the poor and the widow, He weeps with the downhearted
A prayer warrior, a great leader
Chuck Kelley loves Jesus with all his being

Clay Corvin
A Tribute to a great leader, a committed Christian, a servant leader