We needed this break from the day to day and it has been just that. I must say that we accomplished a lot of rest and relaxation this week and that was our goal. Tonight we are packing everything up to get an early start on our return to the ordinary tomorrow.

Last Saturday and Sunday were like dessert mostly because Monday wasn’t a work day. We broke out the books, went out to eat, grocery shopped for the week, and laid out a basic plan for the week-unstructured.  A relaxed structure for me includes a stack of books, my computer, and staying up until early in the morning. It is amazing how quickly 3 a.m. comes. It comes very quick when the books are techno-thrillers or good mystery stories. I started three on Saturday and Carol focused on one at a time. She stayed up late with me one night, until 11pm and then back to her normal time for bed.

The weather was beyond expectations. Cool, windy, clear and superb. It wasn’t like I was out in it but the weather did create good emotions and provide pretty landscapes.

We explored our surrounding area several days, shopped, had some excellent meals and from this vantage point are ready to return to the real world encouraged and relaxed. We profited from this blessing of time and relaxation.

Back breaking days with pressure and pain, reminded of our vulnerability
Some weeks happening in a day, this problem means its Monday

Time away arrives, the break, optimism and joy in equal parts
It happens and it is as good as imagined, better even

Minutes, hours and days that wouldn’t register on a time card, gratefully
I’m not even sure of all that I did, I just know it was enjoyable

The break is over, the memory is good, I actually like my work
Monday morning when I return, I will be fresh, ready, it will be a joy

Clay Corvin 4/25/08