I begin my work today, living, laughing, time to play
Knowing that my faith is sure, Jesus has a hold on me
Looking toward the future goal
Standing fast, living bold

I have this in my, something I can’t see
Moving me ahead, even with my dread
Straining to be His child
Letting go amidst life’s woe

Being where I am, holding out my hand
Helping others grab a hold, Jesus uses me
His glory beaming free, by what I do
It is His place to change, my place to be

Thinking oft what might have been
Trouble calls, I think again
Jesus heals my heart
Calling me to His reality, I am His

This is what I do
Jesus working thru
Pulling me to grow
I am His servant, this I know

Here I am today
Useable Jesus way
His heart rules my hands
Obedient to His command

Then upon that day
I’ll already be near
My journey at His feet
In that instant His face I’ll see
Clay Corvin 6/21/08