Faithful to the Lord
Following Christ from somewhere to nowhere
A place unknown, except for the fear
The Lord said go, she went

Applied her heart and mind
In service and in the classroom
A second language, still she thrived
It wasn’t easy but it was right

Her life was hid in Christ
She succeeded where so many failed
Her faith grew, service too
The Lord sent friends her way

A hard worker, a kind person
She drew various ones by her charisma
Now she was known, friends, success
Still she focused on Christ, her life

Corey came, her heart flamed
But not without a great deal of prayer
Now husband and wife, combined life
She continued her walk with Christ

Missions, missions, missions
A degree, home, return
All of her actions pointing to Christ
Her life faithful, she follows the Lord

A leader, a reader, a friend
A worker, a servant, now His leader
Missions the center of her work
She lives where the Lord has called

There is still the unknown, no one knows the future
Blanca simply serves wherever Christ leads
A wonder, a servant, a friend, a leader
Her life is hid in Christ with God