Jesus Christ is king of kings and Lord of Lords
Before it had all begun
He was the one
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Christ created everything
Galaxies, stars and earth
Land water and birth
It all exists because of Him

He came looking for us
Birthed in Bethlehem
Knew our pain without any gain
All the sin from us, visited Him from birth

Fully God and fully man
Jesus did what no man can
He lived a perfect life
The Father was all of His life

He chose to do these things
Suffering at the hands of man
He chose to bend the knee
Father your will not mine

His example led to the cross
Our burdens He bore
Our sins He wore
He died for you and me

God had first place
He wants that from us
Not to limit what we do
He wants it all for you and me

Willingly submit in life to authority
Suffer quietly when wronged and right
Transformation will occur
Well done will mark our life

Clay Corvin November 22, 2008