Praise God, praise Him in every way
He is worthy of all our honors, worthy of all our praise
Praise Him for all you have and are
Heaven bound, God sent, He is alive in you

Praise Him for His promise
Victory stalks our path
Reaching out to grab us
When failure clouds the day
All along He loves us, it is His way

Don’t forget to praise Him
Our praises change our day
Reaching down inside us
Lifting our souls towards God
Victory comes to stay

Tell Him that you love Him
By the things you do and say
Busy at His kingdom work
Proclaiming loud His praise
Come follow me this way

Working hard to live His truth
Working hard to be His truth
Christ resides in our new hearts
Filled to overflowing with His praise
Jesus is the Way

He knew how He would use us
He knew the troubles we’d see
His victory walks each step with us
Jesus is Lord and conqueror
Before I came this way

Praise the Lord for He is lovely
He shares His home with us
Promising we will be with Him
He guides each step we take
Christ is here today

Clay Corvin November 29, 2008