PSALM 51 –

Sin like failure is contagious.
It blinds us. Makes us stupid.
Throws a blanket over our conscience.
Encourages lying, deceit, bad behavior, pride and generally any other kind of evil.
Tragically so many around us are dead in their trespasses that sin becomes the norm.
Don’t let yourself excuse your sin. Sin is still sin no matter what you think.

Only Jesus can handle our sin. Go to Him. Confess your sin. He will cleanse you.
Jesus will give you a new heart and a new song, praising Him all day long.
Your walk with change. No more burden.
Jesus will cleanse you of your unrighteousness and give you His righteousness.
You will find that He heals your spiritual relationship with the Father.
The Holy Spirit will reside in You and will guide you in the way you should go!

Jesus is God’s everything. We approach God the Father in Jesus Christ. He is Lord.
We are not the authors of our faith, it comes from Jesus. He is seeking you.
We cannot stand on our own resources, Jesus brings light and life to us.
Stand up for confession and walk in His righteousness. Jesus will deal with your battles.
Turn everything in your life over to Him and He will do it.
Today is the day, now is the time. Jesus heal me of my sin and bring me into God’s family.

He will not turn you down.
He will give you entre to the Father.
Your life will change.
Stay close to Jesus by prayer, reading God’s Word and surrender to His use of you.
People count. Forgive one another. Listen to the Lord.
Walk in Him. Jesus is Lord. Let Him cleanse you, equip you and use you.

Clay Corvin
September 22, 2021