Jesus pleased the Father
Obedient to His Word
Walking kind and lowly
Living as He heard

Reaching out to people
Listening to their need
Letting them come to Him
He gave each one relief

His Word calls us to his presence
It underscores His care
And then He walked among us
Showing us His love

He lived without restriction
Obedient every hour
Never, ever falling
His life is a victory walk

Many have tried His patience
Questioning His call
Yet Christ will never leave us
His love He gave for all

Belief is part of the journey
That each one of us must make
We ask the Lord’s forgiveness
We live by His strength

The way ahead is rocky
Life can be a tease
But Jesus gives assurance
He died that we might be

Be in His family
And live eternally
His sacrifice gave us glory
His love has brought us peace