I here all those calling
Evil, fear and hate
Pointing out my weakness
I was just born too late

Then I hear Christ’s Spirit
The Holy Spirit of God
Reaching out to lead me
A gift for my own good

His Call is to repentance
Ask the Lord to forgive
And then each day live wisely
Let Him show me the way

Every day I waken
With Jesus on my mind
I ask Him and He answers
He gives me His design

A plan for good decisions
Choices that guide me to Him
The Lord wants me listen
So that He can enable me to live

Living comes from giving
Caring for those I’m with
Helping all the hurting
Reaching out to them

Following and giving
Strengthen my resolve
They help me live the future
Equipped to be and serve

The Holy Spirit quickens my heart
He gives me a daily start
Living in the future
Eternal life with God