Our world is overwhelming-times are hard-all around rebellion-people do what they please
Jesus calls us to come aside-learn His ways-we are aliens just passing through

Sin is a choice-you, me, all choose to sin-the action of our flesh-sin, sin, sin
It ruins our testimony-our actions identify our father-stop sinning-choose change-follow Jesus

We are newborn babes-His strength will sustain us-If we choose not to sin-we won’t fail
Remember we cannot do it on our own-Christ makes us His home-we choose to let Him in

We can draw aside because Jesus is so precious-He is God’s everything-He saved us
His love came looking for us-He found us when we weren’t looking for Him-He is Lord

He is alive and giving life-a living stone-our foundation-our place of strength and life
Discarded by the world-He is the pearl of great price-give Him everything you are-He is worthy

We will be like Him-we too bring life-everywhere we go-our testimony-our actions
We are becoming like Him-spending time with Christ-listening-doing-being-He is our Lord

He calls us to focus on Him-Jesus is the center of life-giving us everything we need for life
Our position is secure-not an insurance policy-a call to be a Holy nation-His possession
Owned by Him-Unique-eternal-on a journey home to be with Him-we will see Him face to face
Sing-rejoice-He is our peace-His grace is sufficient-He will meet every need-He is Lord

Separation is required-the world will never love us-hate is its forte-wickedness its province
Be like Jesus-deal with your sin-give it to Him-let Christ control your days-He is Lord

His goodness is absolute-ours relative at best-we live among the lost-testify to His love for them
Know they will hate you-As they hated Him-God will take care of you-Jesus is Lord of all

Clay Corvin February 28, 2009