Jesus gave His plans to me
There was no plan B
I could do the things I knew
His life was lived in me

His presence gave me value
My plans gave me trouble
I didn’t bend the knee or believe God’s work
This world held sway in me

Then one day He came to me
Come and follow me
I heard His call to do it all
Christ’s victory was put in me

My heart was filled to overflowing
Seeing with Holy Spirit Clarity
The world was done
His kingdom has come in me

Jesus is the answer
To know Him more and more
So that my mind would see and hear
Peace on earth, good will to man

He controls my schedule
Christ is number one
All else a distant second
My mortality is in His hands

His love compels my living
His heart lifts me up
Peace is given daily
The Lord is alive in me

Clay Corvin March 28, 2009