New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is holding “campus” classes at our North Georgia Campus in Decatur, Georgia. This is an every two year event where we bring our faculty and staff from New Orleans to the off-campus center. It is expensive and logistically a night mare but well worth the investment. When you are training people to work with people it is important that you have a feel for the training process and that those studying see those leading the program in the flesh. We are doing that.

Ah, but on the road is still on the road. I love to travel but I don’t love the process. Hotels and restaurants aren’t my cup of tea. When I was young I loved all of it. As I age and all of the aspects of aging set in it gets tougher. I heard someone say that “if they had known they were going to live this long they would have taken better care of themselves.” I think I agree with that. Hindsight is so clear.

Everything gets out of whack when you travel for several days. Eating is a major chaotic event. Discipline of exercise, quiet time, rest and all other things get confused. But there is the time away when the system gets reset and the anxieties of everyday life are set aside.

Travel well.