I have a friend in Jerusalem, Tom Brimmer, who is extremely gifted as a tour guide, singer, and all around make things happen guy. He and his wife moved to Israel more than fifteen years ago and began their married life from scratch. They felt led to go to Israel as Christians are sometimes led and have bloomed in the desert. Tom is one of the top tour guides in Israel and his wife is one of the senior executives in a Chrisitian Jewish Relief Organization, Bridges for Peace.

When I’m on the road my thoughts often turn to traveling to Israel. I take seminary groups there 1 or 2 times each year. Our last trip was in Dec/Jan this year. It was outstanding. I am amazed that after 20 plus years of taking Christian groups to Israel I still find out something new each visit.

Tom has been our tour guide for the last ten years. I can truthfully say that his knowledge of the land, politics, economic and daily issues in Israel have been a blessing to our groups and to me.

I am discovering that it is good to think about friends. Those that the Lord blesses us with as we journey through this life. I have felt all these years that the Lord was leading me to take our seminarians to Israel. Tom has been a blessing as he helped us to “live the Bible” on these trips.

Blessings on your day.