Everyone has problems, some severe.
People think that problems define us.
Gratitude defines us. Prayer equips us.

Spending time with God. Telling Him our plans and pains.
Asking for His protection. Shepherding us through the maze.
Lots of evil people everywhere we look. Lord don’t let us meet them.

I want to be useable and useful. Only the Lord can keep me.
I want to have victory over temptation. Focus on Jesus. He will help me.
Everything I need to lead a life of faith I will find in Jesus. He is Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for my life. It’s the only one I will have.
You, Lord, help me to make the very best of what I am given.
I seek to make You a part of everything I do. I want to know You better.

People on their own make dreadful choices. Look around. Evil abounds.
I will be careful that my choices honor and glorify You Lord.
I know that all things exist in You Lord Jesus. Thank You.

Clay Corvin
November 2, 2021