Holy God, Loving Father
I seek to hear You
I want to know You
I will spend time with You
My goal is to grow

A prayer place is required
A special place
A certain place
Where I can be alone with You
To the exclusion of all of those things
That daily batter my soul

My Father You are so unique and special
The plan you have for me
You came looking for me
You saved me and are saving me
I am special to You and I know it
My Lord Jesus is so wonderful, He is good

As I pray I pray for souls
Asking for wholeness for those I know
Especially those who don’t like me
For the needs of those You entrust to me
For each moment of each day I ceaselessly pray
You’ve asked me to do this and I do

I love you and will not quit praying
I pray you will answer me
But if you don’t I know You love me
And You love those I know
Love is an action of Yours towards us
Love is who You are

Clay Corvin 8/23/08