I’ve heard of your faith, It moves me to thank the Lord
Mentioning you every time I pray, The Lord is faithful and true
Your faith encourages me, I see it by the way you love the people you see
This is a good thing, It is a habit for me and others to emulate

I have great joy in thanking Christ for you, You are special and close to His heart
Because you care for those who share, This life of faith with you
Your responsibility is impressive, United you live for Christ
Every endeavor is filled with Him, Jesus is Lord of you

I notice your prayers, They are always focused on Christ
He is Lord of life, Talking with Him changes you
Christ already knows what to do, Prayer helps you be you
His wisdom covers all you do, It grips your heart and soul

Equipped to fight, This world is an evil place
Your prayer dispels the darkness, Letting Jesus shine thru you
Every word, every work, Fills your place with Christ
This time of prayer, Enables you to live His victory in all you do

I know its tough, This world is a hard place to live
The victory is won, Soon time will be done
Stand fast in Christ our King, Let Jesus teach thru you
Heaven is real, Christ is waiting there for you

Clay Corvin 8/15/09