I had a dream as a little child
A man was beating down our door
Breaking up the living room and my mom
I awoke and it was true, I remember it as clear as now

I made my choices based on my own strength
Daring anything to pierce my ranks
My life was built on feelings and emotions
I was captive to the things I could see and feel

I didn’t sleep much, my dreams were always real
I didn’t care about anyone but myself, everyone else was a risk
I stuck it out and then struck out
My life was built on sand and doubt

Then one day the Lord came my way
I wasn’t looking for Him, He just stopped by and said hey
He wanted to know how my life was going, I said not so good
Christ said come with me and I will show you how it should be

I began my walk, I followed Him, read my Word His word to me
I read each day, read and read, so many things that stunned me
The Word of God talked about me, the things I would face, the things I would see
It was personal and present, it spoke in my heart and mind, I felt freedom all thetime

Everyday was a new day, Christ in charge and showing the way
Ups and downs and emotions raw, I still surrendered to the Truth
Jesus spoke to me and taught me how to stand in the face of my emotions
I was not at the mercy of the world, money was not my king

Day by day He built my soul
Guiding me to live life bold
Knowing that Christ had set me free
My belief is in Jesus and His love for me

Clay Corvin 8/22/09