You can be pious
Even if you’re poor
Jesus values people
Not what they wore

Every thought and action
The Father is aware
His purpose in your birth
Was to build in value and worth

No one is worthless
Mean little lives come from man
God has a plan
You are in demand

Remember what He’s given
A chance for you to choose
Choose a life of victory
Not brokenness and abuse

All of us have problems
The rich and the poor
Jesus solves our problems
When the wolf is at the door

The world is always evil
It’s looking to destroy you
The Holy Spirit brings victory
When we live a life that is true

True to Jesus
True to His Word
True to people’s value
Brings joy in life to you

Reach out to people
See their value and worth
Life is a journey
All are just like you

Struggling to face tomorrow
Struggling to find their place
All of us need encouragement
Give the Lord Jesus first place
CC 12/5/04