Heartache and suspense
Am I getting through?
Which way do you
Want me to go

How can I know?
Am I in your will?
Selfish pride proclaims
I’m more than a slave

I put my thoughts in line
Reaching out to find
The future way to walk
Today is not the time

That is so frustrating
Because my will is strong
It seems I want to meet
Lord could you be wrong?

Now I’m alive
Now I’m your child
Your will is moving me
I am called to rely

Okay, I’ll search my heart
What would I like to do?
Does it honor you?
That door I’ll walk through

Then the moment comes
I will do as you say
Your hand holds my heart
My life is yours today

Your will is always good
Even when I’m suffering pain
I love you Lord my King
Praise your holy name