I hear that you’re in pain
Have I told you Jesus name?
He came and spoke to me
He offered me eternity

I looked at all I had
Little I could use
In my heart was pain
My life was just abuse

I said Lord save me
Help me change my life
I want to be of worth
With joy and wisdom first

Every day is new
The Lord knows what I need
I remind Him though
So I can grow and know

Know the King of Kings
Know the way to go
Know His love for me
Jesus is my way to go

He will give me strength
To face the wrongs I’ve done
Giving me release
To be the Father’s son

I will grow today
I will bend my knee
Absolute surrender
Keeps me at Calvary

Jesus paid it all
I will give my life
To stop my pain and strife
Jesus is my life