NEWLYWEDS-July 3, 2004


Jeremy, welcome to our family. I feel like we have not lost anything but instead have gained a son. You are a blessing to us and my prayer is that you and Les will build a life that will honor and glorify the Lord. Please note that I am ready to support the decisions that the two of you make as to schooling, vocation, and location. We can trust the Lord.

Leslye is very special to us. As a child of our maturity, we were ancient when she was born; she is a blessing to us everyday. I cannot think of anything she has done in her life that has been a disappointment. She is in every way a princess. I marvel at her decision making skills and her commitment to being what the Lord wants her to be.

Through her and by her I have seen many superb qualities in you. We are proud to have you in our family. Bless you on your honeymoon. We will pray for you every day as you continue your training and transition to Iraq.


Little things build mountains
Good is one act at a time
Don’t miss the simple
Searching for the sublime

God is eternal
We can trust His reach
Guiding us tomorrow
Do not forget to sleep

Dealing with life’s issues
We can lose our way
If we forget the simple
And Christ not have His way

One day at a time
Build the future now
Hold each other closely
Jesus will show you how

Care for those hurting
Give more than you get
The joy is in the journey
The Lord will not forget

Don’t forget the visions
The Lord has put in you
Grab for His coattails
Let Him lead you through

Work, love and pray
Have babies along the way
Let the Lord use you
And joy will mark each day

Clay to Jeremy and Leslye on the occasion of their marriage on July 3, 2004