Just another stranger
I’m ministering to
Weak and lonely
A lot like you

But in their weakness
I find great strength
The believe in Jesus
He’s all they think

Not distracted by geegaws
Or fooled by sight
They know evil
It’s in their sight

Life parades before them
Heartaches vie for time
But Christ heals every evil
He is always on time

How does it happen?
I think I’m so strong
Before I stop evil
I’m singing Christ’s song

Lining out His workplace
Building His house
Expecting Christ to answer
As I laugh out loud

All around is evil
All throughout is pain
And yet I loudly wisper
I live in Jesus name

His name knew heartache
His life devoted to God
He knew eternal
Dying for my soul

What have I done lately?
That furthers Christ’s cause
Maybe I should listen
And let the Lord have all