Lord you know me, the ins and outs of me
I fail and blame others but the act was mine
I need your mercy Father I look up to you and cry out for mercy
We have walked many miles together I know you are there

I believe that every thought you have for me is good, my thoughts are often not good
When I think about how wonderful and amazing you are, Holy and lifted up
All knowing, all seeing, majestic, loving Father, Holy Spirit, Son of God
You know me and You know what I need and when I need it

The ungodly do not believe in You they do not see the edge of eternity we walk on
The choice is ours, believe in You or Our self Lord I believe in You
However long I need to wait I will wait, I know you hear and will act
The Lord is gracious and patient, I will be patient, trusting the Lord will give me mercy

Every day we need mercy, kindness in the world is in short supply
The Lord is overflowing with forgiveness for us; He has abundant mercy to meet our need
We will patiently consider our blessings, letting gratitude be our attitude
Joy is our watchword, Jesus brings joy to us and pours it into us

We see you Lord, Your promises are with us, thank you for working in our life
We focus our life upon You, obedience and hope in You
The world is never going our way, we claim your mercy Lord, come help us
We will stay right here before you until you fix us, help me Jesus I need you

Today I’ve had it up to here, we all have days where the last straw breaks
Jesus I need Your mercy, Your healing, your strength
I trust Your love for me, I will expect Your mercy Lord
God’s mercy is accompanying me, Jesus is alive, He lives in me

Clay Corvin October 6, 2012