A vision from God for David to see
Temple worship of God by His people
Solomon built the Temple, God’s love bubbled over
Jerusalem was the place to be, God’s joy to see

An excitement that didn’t fade, joy in anticipation
Joy in the journey, joy in the activity
Go to God, so you can see
The Lord is at work in you and me

Things are not always what we see, the Lord sees our heart
In His presence there is joy, joy for us
We receive it and carry it and share it
Bowing our head in adoration, praise God our source of joy

Praise the Lord who sent His Son Jesus
Christ died and paid the price for my sin
I struggle still with sin in me, but Jesus has cleansed my heart
Joy is in me, Christ has forgiven me, and Jesus has a hold on me

Pray for our church, pray for our people, pray for His work
There are souls to be saved, people to be loved
The Lord is calling you and me, Come I have work to do
Jesus will not lose you, Jesus gives us peace

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the world is aflame
The Lord is here with us, praise His name
His joy for you straight from His heart
The Lord is here with us, praise His name

Clay Corvin 9/29/12