This has been a very restful day. We had a Mariner brunch for those who including this voyage had sailed with Holland America 25 days. I was amazed that we were in that group but we were. Some of the folks had sailed more than 750 days with Holland America. Wow that is a lot of days sailing. The Prinsendam Captain had a few things to say and then we had brunch. The folks we sat with were from Hastings, England (the battle of 1066 AD); Dallas, Texas; and the west coast.

The Prinsendam is a very nice ship to sail on. It’s size is something many of the folks prefer-small size compared to some of the mega-ships now sailing the seven seas. We have enjoyed both the large and the small ships.

We had an engine failure last night but we never knew it and they had it fixed by early morning. The ship never slowed down.

Our original port, Naxos, has bad weather including fog and high waves so we changed our port for tomorrow to Messina, Sicily. We are looking forward to it and will enjoy walking around the port town.

We are nearing the end of our sea voyage and are looking forward to our traveling across Italy from Rome to Austria and winding up in Reutte, Austria. We plan to visit a lot of small towns in that area and in Germany, especially Oberammergau. I am a bit apprehensive about driving in Rome but think that taking it easy and not getting up tight will overcome my anxiety. Also, I’m asking the Lord to give me a good experience on the roads out of and then back into Rome.

I’ve kept up my 10,000 plus daily steps program so far every day. Pray for me to be able to maintain this when we are traveling by auto thru Italy. We plan to stop enroute on our trip and spend at least four days in Venice. That holds a great deal of interest for us.

Blessings to you and your family. Clay