The weather kept us out of the Naxos harbor and instead we went to Messina. We sailed into the Strait of Messina early in the morning on May 16 (Saturday) and docked in the harbor. Messina was quite an interesting city. We walked the city center including the Cathedral. It rained most of the time we were out walking and when we got back to the ship it decided to rain harder. The day was overcast right up until we got ready to leave and then the sun came out.

This morning we sailed into the port of Naples and docked about 7:30am. Our panoramic tour met at 9:30 and we toured Naples for three hours. We had several picture stops and spent 45 minutes at Piazza Plebiscito.

We enjoyed both Messina and Naples. Messina is an industrial city on the island of Sicily and did not have much in the way of archaeological sites but our walk was fun and the people we met were nice. Naples is the third largest city in Italy. Rome and Milan are larger. Naples has a bit of everything. It is reputedly the birthplace of pizza. Their harbor is busy and the tours they offer are varied. Although without the heritage of Rome, Naples has much to offer. We were pleased with the overview and will in the future if given an opportunity would love to visit Naples again.

Praying for you. Clay