Lord it is rough
The world is lined up against me
Hide me under your wing
Nothing that I do seems to change things
I’m overwhelmed by life itself
Hear my plea Lord
Set me free
Without your help I will not be able to survive
Lord be my refuge

Nothing changes day after day
It’s serious Lord
What do we do?
I will trust YOU
Even when I don’t know how you will deliver me
I will trust YOU
Every thought you have for me is a thought for GOOD
I belong to YOU
YOU O Lord are my refuge

Today you spoke to my heart
O Lord I am encouraged and strengthened
You have lifted the cloud of depression from me
I will sing your praises
Glory to God in the highest
I will give thanks to YOU O Lord
Great is your mercy
Your loving kindness immeasurable
Thank you Lord for being my refuge

Clay Corvin November 5, 11