I WILL SERVE (Joshua 24:14-15)

I will serve the Lord
Awesome, glorious, wonderful Lord
Saving me from destruction
I will serve Him all the days of my life

I will Fear God
Critical in my service
Reading His Word
Knowing His ways
I will trust Him-God loves me
Obedience evidences my respect
I will stand in amazement that He loves me
I will fear the Lord

I will serve God where I am
By valuing people
Especially those near me
Remembering those in need
For I am His hands and feet
My life will evidence His priority
My attitude will be based in His love for me
I will serve God in every way I can

I will put away evil
Jesus has broken my bondage to sin
I am free to choose
Each day I will choose to follow the Lord
I will read His Word and spend time with Him
My hands will not do evil
My heart is cleansed and my feet will follow Him
I will walk with Jesus and live in His presence

Clay Corvin October 29, 11