God in Christ created our world
He created us and all
We loved it and Him and still we sinned
Even knowing Him face to face in the Garden
We sinned in His presence and place

Wanting to be like God
We chose the shadow
Full of darkness and no wisdom
Without grace
We went our way blaming God for our fate

Everyday we sin
Everyday we go our own way
Blaming Him for all of our darkness
Mean spirited and without Christ
We sin, sin, sin

Blind and dead
We blame Him
Walking on the rim of hell
Ignoring the flames and pain
We choose to live this way

But thanks be unto God
He saw our plight and came our way
His great love died for our sin
Now we can choose Him
Wisdom, peace and grace for us

We choose Him and we live
His love renews our life
More than enough to pave our way
Alive in Christ I’m free
Lavishly blessed I walk with Him

CC 7/26/09