Listening to the Father, declaring I need help
Jesus rights the wrongs in me
Relationship is not a test, it is a fact

The Father yearns to hear my cries
He knows the pain I feel, He will answer me
If only I will listen

So often Words from the heart of God
Sail over my head, I don’t feel worthy
To hear what God has said

I seek a cleansing and condemnation
To relieve my heart of sin
Jesus is forgiveness, Christ brought me in

Everyday the Father, speaks Words of love and direction
He would that I know the way to go
Having the heart to stay the course

Speak Lord and I will listen, again I fail to hear
I’m listening for condemnation
Works seem the way I fear

Yet Christ has made me family
I know the fear of God, and believe it
His promises dear, Christ brings me near

Near to the heart of God, He loves me
Everything I ever wanted, is offered by my Lord
Listen to the Father’s heart, His love expressed so clear

Now each day is fresh and new
Christ leads me, His promises clearly say
The Father is speaking, I am listening

He is clearly, emphatically guiding
Letting me know His love for me, my responsibility
How much He loves me, telling me what to do and say

Clay Corvin
Jerusalem 1/17/20