The Lord is thinking about me, right now
He has complete knowledge of each and every thing I do
I live and function in His presence all the time
I am important to Him, what I say and do are critical
He is waiting for me to ask Him to help me

Our God and Father is wonderful
He brings practical simplicity to our relationship
He paid the price, we reap the rewards
His presence will lead, guide and direct us in the way we should go
His desire is that we become more like Jesus each day

His love and affection is present
His mercies and grace are renewed each day
No matter what we did yesterday
He provides a fresh start today
Giving us what we need and cannot earn

I am a servant, called to serve those I can see
Simply because I won’t serve those I cannot see
I can trust Jesus for help and deliverance
Praying each day about those around me in great need
Lord help me to be Your hands and feet, sharing you will all I meet

Clay Corvin February 26, 2020