The Gospel message: proclaiming Christ
Jesus is the only way
Declared by God
Life begins His way

All of us have our own ways
This and that, and how we say
But God, in His infinite wisdom
This is MY way and you walk in it

God speaks, if I listen I will hear
His Word to me is change
Set aside my ego, stop sinning
Trust Him and obey

Called of God and filled with Christ
Our life becomes a beacon
Calling all to hear His voice
Jesus is the way

Then trouble comes
All of us will suffer
Life is hard and then you die
The Holy Spirit quickens our heart to follow Jesus Christ

Suffering is no longer a deterrent-I know it will be there
But suffering pulls me close to Christ
I hear His words and comfort
Reminding me to walk His way

Service, service, service, service
All around so many needs
Take our eyes off troubles Jesus
Help us to follow thee!

Clay Corvin