Keep on going-even without answers
We want life to fit-it doesn’t
We live in the unknown-facing twists and turns
Make up your mind-push ahead-it works-keep on going

What ever you face-do the next right thing
Don’t let emotions turn you aside-live it right side up
Life can pass you by-determine to live this day-in spite of
Return to the fray-let this setback go its way-keep on going

Grief can trip you up-feel it-own it-then stand up
In the face of the storm-one more step-one more step
The storm will pass-you must not-live it every day
We come this way but once-keep on going

Faith lives with the uncertainty life gives
Knowing that the One we know does know us-where we are
Confident that the good times will return
Life is always changing-give it a chance-keep on going

Clay Corvin February 7, 2009