A word to you-don’t panic
When life gets hold of you
Don’t panic
Christ has a hold on you-He has you in the palm of His hand

This is life for you-don’t panic
The Lord is with you-you are one of a kind
His love is assured-let the storm rage-don’t panic
He is alive for you-His resurrection paves our path

Remember you’re on mission-not in charge
Let go of what is troubling you-stand still
Even though the earth moves and shakes-your world changed forever-don’t panic
Christ is in charge-this hasn’t caught Him off guard-your life is important to Him

Whatever happens, however long it lasts
No matter the grief or strife-don’t panic
In face of the storm-hold on and believe
This too shall pass-Jesus is alive and well-You belong to Him-don’t panic

Clay Corvin February 7, 2009