Jesus is my creator
He knew me
Before I was something
Before there was a me

All of my transgressions
All of my works
Were seen and experienced
Before I could act

In my lost condition
Christ died for me
I was one who killed Him
My sin was the decree

Yet in my sinful state
Christ forgave me
Offered to be my family
Gave it all for free

Now each day is perfect
Christ is in control
Whatever obstacle
Jesus keeps me whole

Failure comes right regular
Victory isn’t what I do
All my life is covered
His blood freed me too

Each time I face disaster
Each sin I commit
Jesus will forgive me
If I will confess it

Life is made of choices
Christ my Lord is here
To help me see through darkness
So that I will remain free

Jesus cares for me
His love sets me free
Every time I stumble
Jesus fixes me

Clay Corvin 10/02/04