It’s not enough to know
How my life will go
Christ has come to me
He will fix the flow

The flow of life so daily
Ordinary is what we say
And yet the flow is a journey
It all ends one day

Everything that happens
I want to be equipped
To face eternal movement
Before this life is quits

And in the early morning
I seek His face
Let me live forever
Covered by His grace

Choices seem so simple
They often fool my heart
What I want is changing
Truth does not depart

In the moment of my weakness
Fear takes control
I do something foolish
Losing self-control

Jesus never leaves me
He knows my path
He removes my weakness
His love equips me to last

Then the day of darkness
Comes without a word
Jesus brings His sunshine
The truth is in His Word

I am just a morning mist
Soon I’ll be gone
In Christ I’m everlasting
I will just be going home

Clay Corvin 10/2/04