Hurting hearts, destroyed lives
Everywhere I look
Boys and girls living in strife
Parents befuddled and lost
Jesus came that we might have life
Abundant life

He is seeking the lost
A hand out to the hurting
Willingly identifying with the outcast
In Christ we find light for living
And life worth living
He knows where we are
He has come to us

The World says we have no worth
We seek to sear our hearts
All we see is failure and pain
Jesus comes to heal our pain
To give us value and worth
What we do has meaning
We are our brothers and sisters keeper
We can do those things that lift us up

Drugs are not the cure
Life in Christ gives us a new heart
A valuable life
Forgiveness flows like a river
To us, and through us in daily torrents
His grace is sufficient to meet our need

Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord of all
He is Lord of our hearts
He is Lord of our pain
He is Lord of our value and worth
In Christ I find the reason I need
To face the hardship of today
To dispel the pain of the past
To propel me into the future
Jesus is our hope

Clay Corvin
January 2, 2019