What is it that beckons me to Israel
Christ is with me wherever I go
Something speaks deep in my soul
Jesus lives here, this is His place
Walking there reveals the reality
Of His walk on Earth
I know Him and now l see Him
Amazing that Jesus was really here

Scripture comes alive
The black and white in living color
I’ve seen His cities, I’m seeing His land
The miracles He works in my life
Were done in this land
Scriptural events are not myths
They are actual facts with real people involved
I see Him being baptized
His family walked here
His teachings were done here

The Judean Hills wrap around me
My gaze to the Crest
The gentle slopes lead up to the Holy City
Jerusalem just above

Always we go up to Jerusalem
It is the Lord’s habitation
He is calling us to His home
We willingly journey there
Seeking to know and be known
As we grow we know
As we serve we are known

I was told these things
Now I’ve seen these things
Jesus was in the flesh, alive and here

Clay Corvin